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Tom Brevoort Further Explains Daredevil's Supposed Cancelling!

Vice President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has clarified the decision to end ongoing series Daredevil later this year...
In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Tom Brevoort said he was surprised by the recent backlash from fans who are upset at the news that Daredevil will come to an end with issue #512, "We've been promoting "Who is the new Man Without Fear?" for three weeks now and yet everybody is surprised that Daredevil is ending. I was sort of taken aback by the response!"

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Brevoort went on to explain the new 'Man Without Fear' was a natural continuation to follow the repercussions of current event 'Shadowland'. "Taking a character like Daredevil off the canvas for a little while may make the heart grow fonder," he continued comparing it to when Thor took a break of three years until his return in 2007.

JoshW: Well, I'm not sure about you guys but I've found 'Shadowland' to be one big let down so far. With little, to no, build up showing us Matthew Murdock's descent into becoming "the Marvel Universe's newest supervillain" the whole thing feels forced and a rather disappointing climax to what came before in Brian Bendis' and Ed Brubaker's brilliant runs on the title. Here's hoping that Marvel can improve things in the coming months before the so-called end of the Man Without Fear!

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