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Timothy Dalton To Guest Star In Chuck Season 4!

The former James Bond has been confirmed for a role in the next season of Chuck! Read on for details about the mysterious role he'll have in the show...
"We're huge fans of Mr. Dalton, not only for being a bad-ass Bond but for his comic work in Hot Fuzz and The Rocketeer," producer Josh Schwartz revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. "In truth, we've wanted to have him on the show since season 1. When we came up with this part, we thought he'd be perfect."

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According to the site, he'll play a mystery man" with a connection to Chuck's mother. However, Schwartz was quick to deny the speculation that Dalton will play the real father of Chuck: "Consider that theory squashed. We'll only say that he and Chuck's mother have known each other for a long time."

The former James Bond star will actor will appear in the seventh episode of the new season, titled 'Chuck Versus the First Fight'.

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