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My Two Cents: The Casting of Captain America

The day I discovered that Chris Evans had been cast to play Steve Rogers/Captain America my immediate reaction was that he wasn't right for the role, and I think alot of Cap fans around the world agreed.
There are alot of factors that don't make him right for the role, firstly he's not big enough, I see Cap as someone the size of somebody built like Dwayne Johnson (Clearly not Johnson though), 6'6, built like a brick shit house, also i've only seen him in roles where he plays cocky, obnoxious, arrogant pricks, such as Johnny Storm, so it's hard to imagine him as the patriot that but his own body on the line as part of an experiment for the greater good. He's got brown hair and not blonde, the list goes on.

The good thing is, all of these things are easy enough for Marvel to work around, dye his hair, slap on a bit of CGI like they did with Tim Roth as The Abomination in The Incredible Hulk, give him a decent script, and all of these things will move him one step closer to the Cap we Marvel fans want and deserve. And these things alone are enough to restore a bit of optimism into my mind about the projec

The jury's still out on the chosen actor to portray Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan is pretty much an unknown to me, so it'll be interesting to see hoow he does as Bucky, and also interesting if/how if they do, parallel both origins, would it be too much begin both storys at once?

This movie is essential for setting up for The Avengers and could be the most important Marvel movie of all time. Unfortunatly, as ever it's a case of wait, see and hope, that we don't have another Ben Affleck/Michael Clarke Duncan situation on our hands.
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