Will Batman Enter Catwoman’s Universe?

Pitof says his new film about the Batman femme fatale won’t feature the Dark Knight but leaves that possibility open for future films.
Catwoman director Pitof told Total Film magazine that Batman could show up in future films. "All I can say is, this film will create a brand new universe for Catwoman," says the director. "The possibility of Batman existing will be kept open, just in case someone wants to make a film with the two of them, but Batman is not part of this film. With Catwoman, we're starting from the beginning."

Halle added that, "Patience is a graphic artist, so it makes sense that she'd have a great costume. She has an artistic side that comes out in her behavior, her drawings and her relationships. She looks like a warrior."

Regarding the controversial costume, Berry told German TV show Pulse: "the suit was devised after I was on board. I chose the role because I'm always wanting to do something different, and what could be further from Miranda Gray in Gothika, than Catwoman?"
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