X-Men 3 One Year Earlier?

Look for X3 next year, according to an Australian fan site. Crikey!
Although a recent Marvel shareholder conference said X-Men 3 wouldn’t be out until 2006, an Australian fan site says the film could debut next year.

Fox Australia reportedly told newspapers Down Under that X3 is aiming to come in 2005, according to Moviehole.

Meanwhile, Moviehole talked to filmmaker Rena Owen about The Crow: Wicked Prayer, starring Edward Furlong (T2: Judgment Day), Tara Reid and David Boreanaz (Angel). How was filming? “I will never forget looking into Eddie's deep deep eyes,” she said. “Such a talented young man, I thought he made for an awesome Crow with sensitivity. And who better to play the Devil then the Angel himself, David Boreanaz. Only regret, I didn't do any scenes with David or Dennis Hopper!”
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