A Batcave Full of Batman Begins News

From casting rumors to cool Batman Begins articles to popularity contests, the Bat-news is starting to pile up.
Entertainment Weekly readers got a cool rundown of the Batman Begins cast so far in an article that appeared in the latest edition.

While there were no casting surprises, the article did show the actors already cast next to their comic book alter egos. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, Cillian Murphy talked with New York Daily News about being cast as Dr. Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, after testing to play Bruce Wayne/Batman. "I never really saw myself as Batman material, but it was very nice to be offered the other role. If anyone's going to reinvent the franchise, it'll be [director] Chris Nolan," Murphy told the newspaper.

Also, a Superhero Hype scooper says Waterworld vet Gerard Murphy tested for three roles in the film and will be offered one soon. And BBC News says Colin McFarlane may play Gotham City’s corrupt police commissioner that eventually gets replaced with James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman).

Finally, the Batmobile beat out James Bond’s Aston Martin as the coolest big screen wheels in a poll of 1,000 film fans conducted by the Scotsman newspaper.
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