Check Out the New Batmobile!

A pic of the new Batmobile from Batman Begins is online as well as Rutger Hauer’s description of his cameo role.

Warner Bros. released the first official photo of the new, tank-like Batmobile from Batman Begins. Check it out here.

Also, Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Smallville) has provided fans a description of his cameo role in the film. He plays Mr. Earle, a business contemporary of Bruce Wayne's murdered father who has designs on the Wayne corporate empire.

“The cameo has a good solid structure but lacks character and I was able to drift to a horizon I saw in the back of my head because the director pushed me to explore and go there,” Hauer said enigmatically. “Which is always exciting &
scary. Exciting because you are allowed to go there and scary because your are not that secure. I found
the ‘key’ to my position/part at the end of the second day. That is so great as well. It's one of the things I
enjoy with vigor.”
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Warner Bros.


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