Fantastic Four Gets New Director Tomorrow?

Marvel Studios guru Avi Arad is saying the Fantastic Four movie will have a new director by tomorrow.
Look for the announcement of a new director for the Fantastic Four movie tomorrow. Steven Soderbergh (Traffic) to Sean Astin (Lord of the Ring’s Samwise) have been competing for a chance to helm the project about Marvel’s First Family.

As for why previous director Peyton Reed (Bring it On) dropped out, Arad said there was no inherent problem with the FF that drove him away. Instead, “We needed for this movie a director that's a genius with relationships. It's a movie about relationships," he told

Early concerns about the film’s inevitable high budget have been put to rest, he said. "Confidence, box office, $500 million X-Men 2. Fantastic Four should be a pretty good business.
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