Man-Thing Movie Plot Details

What turns a man into a shambling moss-covered mound of mixed up emotions? Readers of the Man-Thing comic know and soon moviegoers will as well…
Man-Thing film funder Screenland Movieworld describes the plot of the upcoming movie as: "Kyle Williams saw his return as a sheriff to his hometown of Baywater as a career opportunity.

“What he couldn't have foreseen was the reawakening of an ancient power in the swampy river branch - a power as old and horrible as the swamp itself. A spirit called ‘Mantokwe’ by the natives - the MAN-THING.

“Frederick Schist, owner of a resident oil firm, has lied and betrayed the local natives - and is now exploiting their land. To cover up his machinations, he has killed two men and left their bodies to the swamp.

“Kyle must now choose between what is right and a career supported by Schist's great influence and power. He must find the power to face his past, the demonic MAN-THING and survive...”
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Screenland Movieworld


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