Hulk 2 Leaping Ahead on the Lighter Side

Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad are talking about what direction the Hulk will take in the planned sequel.
Hulk producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad say the Hulk will take a lighter tone in the planned sequel.

"Right now we are meeting with writers to discuss the sequel,” Hurd told “I think the key thing is come up with the right story."

"It's going to be Hulk-lite," Arad said. "It'll be the end of movie one, the beginning of movie two. Now he's come to terms with his life and who he is and we can let him be now Hulk the hero. Movie one seemed to have been tough on some people, but some of us think it is one of the more courageous depictions of a comic book character."
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