Julia Stiles Cast in Fantastic Four Film?

Will hottie Julia Stiles be cast as Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, in the Fantastic Four movie?
Cosmopolitan magazine talked with actress Julia Stiles about her upcoming movie projects, including a possible role in what sounds like the Fantastic Four film. In response to a question about Kirsten Dunst doing Spider-Man, Stiles said, of comic book movies: "I'd love to do one. The one thing I've tried to do with my career is be open to any kind of role and acting experience," she said. "What they're doing with these comic books and turning them into films is just magical. They've got great special effects, but they've also got heart - and that's why actors want in. Spider-Man really nailed it. If they hadn't been as good up till now I probably wouldn't even be interested in the comic film I'm looking at doing."

Which one is that? "You can't get that out of me. Let's just say I get to play the hero, not the damsel in distress. Isn't that every gals dream? Can't let the men have all the glory can we," Stiles teased. What is it that the director thinks you’ll bring to the role, the magazine asked. "Good Question. Blonde Hair I think (Laughs)," she said.

Meanwhile, Michael Chicklis (who is up for the Ben Grimm/Thing role) told IESB.net that if all goes as planned he will spend his summer as the "Thing," according to the Web site. You can see the video interview here.

Finally, Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad said "When you look at Ultimate Fantastic Four, you can see the direction for the costume, for the age, for the energy for what we want to do with Fantastic Four [film]."
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