Aliens vs. Predator Preview on MTV

Viewers of last night’s MTV Movie Awards pre-show got a glimpse of Aliens vs. Predator. Here’s a brief description.
Warning: Spoilers

A preview of Aliens vs. Predator aired on MTV last night during the network’s warm up to the annual Movie Awards.

In it, stylistic shadow images of a Predator and an Alien face off with increasing intensity, showcasing the familiar Alien grin and spit look and Predators’ patented wrist blades. Then there were several rapid-fire pics of the two species battling each other. Predators walk into an Alien egg chamber and one Predator squishes a face hugger while another chokes out an adolescent Alien.

Then, there are shots of two humans entering an Alien egg chamber and looking very frightened. "What did you call this room?," the woman asks. "The Sacrificial Chamber," the man answers. That’s followed by shots of Predators fighting humans using invisibility screens and explosive netting. The humans are dwarfed by the Predators who all seem to have gotten taller since Predator II.

The final shot is a group of Predators atop a Mayan pyramid being inundated by wave after wave of Aliens.

The film debuts Aug. 13.
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