Del Toro Wants Three Hellboys

The Hellboy movie franchise will at least be a trilogy, the director says.
Director Guillermo del Toro says he wants to make two more Hellboy films, at least.

In an interview with Empire magazine, del Toro said "I would love to make Hellboy into a trilogy. Creatively, [character creator] Mike Mignola and I know that we want to at least do that. Economically, it's the studio's decision."

The sequel will likely to feature a different member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense: "We tried to do an entire sequel based on the Roger [a homunculus created by a scientist to bring about the end of the world] origin story, and found it to be actually very similar to what Hellboy is in the first movie — a conflicted monster. So the sequel will have another BPRD member, Johan the Ectoplasmic Agent."

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