Comic Book Movie Javascript Feed Available!

After receiving an email from one of our users, I realized we needed another option for the news feeds ...
Ok, the RSS Feed we've created is pretty cool, but what about those that want something simpler to implement on their site?

We just implemented a javascript news feed that will allow anyone (and hopefully everyone) to display Comic Book Movie news on their sites.

This was prompted by a conversation I had with one of our users who wanted to use the RSS feed to show the news, but didn't have the ability to do anything other then HTML with his site.

It's hard to believe that there are still hosting companies out there that don't allow PHP, ASP or .NET ... But that's a topic for another time :o)

Ok, back to the topic at hand. To implement the new Javascript news feed, simply copy and paste the code below into your web page:

<script language="javascript" src="">

That's all there is to it, ENJOY!
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