Storm, Mystique Films Spin-Off Talk

Also, will the weather witch Storm return in X3 if Halle does not?
Warning: Spoilers

According to, the character of Storm is being included in the X-Men 3 script on a "provisional basis" and under the assumption that an actress can easily replace Oscar winner Halle Berry if she chooses not to return to the role. Berry has said in the past that she would only return if Storm were more prominently featured in the plot. Another possibility is a cameo appearance by the character, according to the fan site.

Meanwhile, rumors that Wolverine (starring Hugh Jackman) would film before X3 are false, the site adds, citing 20th Century Fox sources. Besides a Magneto spin off film, talk has surfaced of Mystique and/or Storm spin-offs as well, the site says.

X-Men 3 is still slated for a 2006 release date, although it may not come out in May. It will definitely come out before Winter 2006, according to the site.

Filming may head to Australia, according to Jackman's personal trainer Michael Ryan, who spoke with the Sydney Star Observer. Read more here.

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