Elektra Behind-the-Scenes Footage Online

Check out even more of hottie Jennifer Garner (who really makes me sai).
Click here to see Extra's behind-the-scenes segment from Monday's show online.

Also, MTV plans a special on Elekta for Dec. 29 at 9 pm ET called "Never Before Scene: Elektra." Here's the hype: "She's strong, violent, and looks hot in red! Jennifer Garner stars as an assassin, looking for redemption in the sequel spin-off to DAREDEVIL, titled ELEKTRA!

"MTV goes behind the scenes of the Marvel Comics adaption and talks to stars of the film! Learn how Elektra spins her sais, and how the creative team brought the mind-blowing special effects to the big screen! All this, including your first look at a scene from the film!"

Also, Garner will host Saturday Night Live Jan. 15, the day after her film opens.

Finally, more movie stills and the international poster of the film can be found here at a Korean film fan site.

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