No Star-Spangled Tights for Joss' Wonder Woman

Fans can expect a different kind of Amazon Princess from the icon they've come to know.
The 1970s TV Wonder Woman theme song says: "In her satin tights, fighting for her rights and the old red, white and blue..." But it appears Joss Whedon will ditch the star-spangled shorts when he makes his big screen Wonder Woman.

She will not wear "star spangled panties," Whedon told Entertainment Weekly. Still, the self-admitted "Marvel boy" says he's learned to love WW even though he didn't connect with her before. "She represents something absolutely pure," Whedon said.

The Buffy creator said he realized the Warner Bros. project was a natural for him when he thought about it. "When I was mulling this over, my friend said, 'Joss, look at your freakin' resume. You have two things on it: wonder and woman. That's all you write!'"
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Entertainment Weekly


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