Wolverine Film Plot Details

Scripter David Benioff is talking about Logan's solo movie.
Comic Buyers' Guide caught up with Wolverine screenwriter David Benioff who talked about X-Men spin-off movie.

Benioff told CBG he's "living a childhood dream" he began pursuing three years ago and that he's writing the film with Hugh Jackman in mind.

"Other than the height, I think Jackman was inspired casting," Benioff tells CBG. "Though, when he was first picked for the role, I thought, 'Huh?' at the time, probably along with most Wolverine fans. Now I can’t really imagine Wolverine being played by anyone else: Jackman’s performance obviates consideration of anyone else for the part."

However, Benioff plans to "rough" Jackman's Wolverine up a bit, showing more of his berserker side only teased at in X2's mansion invasion scenes. The story will be a "bit darker and a bit more brutal" and geared toward an R rating.

Don't expect Wolverine to be involved with some of the more "fantastical" elements associated with the X-Men franchise, he said.

"I’m going to stay away from the 'Four Riders' kind of stories and the science fiction stories where he was battling aliens or demons," says the writer. "I’m sticking with something more realistic. Of course it is kind of hard to talk realism when you’re speaking about a guy who has adamantium claws popping out of this hands. But my concept of him for this movie is the one I grew up with: He's a gritty character, a tough, working-class Canadian guy who was born with certain special powers and granted more through a series of brutal experiments – for more that's my Wolverine reality. I’m not going too far from that."
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