Snipes Swipes at Blade Trinity

Star Wesley Snipes is suing New Line Cinema over the third and final Blade movie.
Blade star Wesley Snipes reportedly is suing New Line Cinema for $5 million, alleging the studio didn’t live up to its contract to give him final say on the screenplay and director choice for Blade: Trinity (a swipe at David Goyer). Snipes also says that the studio owes him $3.6 million of a promised $13 million up-front fee, according to E! Online.

Blade: Trinity pulled in the least of the three Blade films. The first film grossed $70 million in the U.S. Blade 2 pulled in $85 million here. Blade Trinity grossed just $52 million.

Meanwhile, Goyer talked with Sci Fi Wire about the film’s darker alternate ending which will be featured on the DVD which comes out next Tuesday.

"The ending for the extended edition of the film has a bleaker ending than the theatrical release," Goyer said. "The movie that was released has the ending that was scripted. At one point, we did tinker around with another ending, another ending that would be a test, and that's what we decided to release on the extended version. ... I think the audience will find it darker."
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