New Pic of The Thing from Fantastic Four

Check out this new shot of Michael Chiklis as the ever-loving Thing from this summer’s FF movie.
Entertainment Weekly's Summer Movie Preview, now on sale, shows a new pic of Michael Chiklis as the Thing from the Fantastic Four movie, debuting July 8.

Here's highlights from the accompanying text:

  • "It wasn’t about 'Is she going to look exactly like the comic book?'," says Jessica Alba, who plays blond-haired, blue-eyed Sue Storm, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman. "It was about, 'Is she going to be Sue in spirit?'"
  • The article points out the similarities between the Fantastic Four and the Incredibles but also notes that the FF has a 44-year-history and despite being largely unknown to the movie-going public, they are fan favorites.
  • Even Alba, Chris Evans (Johnny Storm) and Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards) aren't exact matches to their comic book counterparts: "Michael Chiklis is the Thing," Alba laughs. "No arguing that."
  • Producer Ralph Winter said, "We got a lot of heat over Hugh Jackman being Wolverine. People didn’t think Michael Keaton could be Batman."

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