Will Nightstalkers Movie Go Around Blade?

An extra on the Blade Trinity DVD due for release suggests a spin-off movie was a key motivator for making a third vampire hunter film.
With Wesley Snipes suing New Line Cinema over the way Blade Trinity was handled, it's interesting to note the comments of co-producer Peter Frankfurt included on the DVD of the film due out this week.

Wesley "Snipes, reportedly irked at getting such heavy backup [Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds as Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King], is as present here as a vampire in the daytime," said Entertainment Weekly, referring to the extras in the DVD set.

"Dealing with ... lots of very dynamic personalities who need to be properly managed is always a challenge," Frankfurt says. That’s followed by Snipes laughing about the on-set tension.

Meanwhile, Biel, Reynolds and director/writer David Goyer supply commentary and an alternative werewolf ending that "hints at visions of a Nightstalker[s] spin-off dancing in the trio’s heads," EW writes.

The magazine gives the DVD a "B" grade.

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