Rodriguez Taking on Conan

Robert Rodriguez taking over where John Milius left off.
According to TheArnoldFans Robert Rodriguez has been given the opportunity to direct a new Conan.

The news is sad but true, King Milius was given his walking papers by WB. TheArnoldFans put a call into the Milius Camp on Friday morning in hopes to lay all of these rumors to rest.

Not only did we receive the confirmation that Robert Rodriguez has been given the opportunity to direct a NEW CONAN in few years - but we also learned Milius and company were clearing out there desks! They are leaving WB once and for all. John Milius had a 5 year contract to be on the WB lot, however, after WB gave Conan away to Rodriguez, they decided they did not need Milius and kicked him off the lot without renewing his contract.

The director of the greatest Arnold film of all times is now heading over to the CBS lot to write for a new Western series called "Dodge City".

We are not yet certain whether Rodriguez will be using Milius' idea for "King Conan" or whether he's going to use his own new idea, and whether he's going to try and convince Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise the role of Conan or use Milius' idea of bringing in wrestler Triple-H.

Stay tuned....
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