Have The X-Men Found Their Angel?

Apparently David Anders might be cast as the classic X-Men character.
According to rumors David Anders who plays 'Sark' from TV's "Alias", is in talks to play Angel in "X-Men 3".

Anders' character was written out of the Jennifer Garner series last season, and is reportedly very close to landing the role of Angel in X3.

He is currently working on an independent film called "Eli", and let slip that he tested for the role a few days back.

I'm currently working as a production assistant on a small film, ELI, starring David Anders, known to Alias fans as the enigmatic Mr. Julian Sark. Between takes, a crew member mentioned the name Matthew Vaughn, the director of Layer Cake and the upcoming X-Men 3. Anders looked over and said, "Yeah, I just auditioned for Angel a few days ago, totally nailed it." He followed this saying he's going to be meeting with Matthew Vaughn about the role soon, and that things look highly promising.

The Alias actor would be joining such X-Men actors as Hugh Jackman, Shawn Ashmore, Patrick Stewart, and others.

Stay tuned for more X3 news....
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