X3 Explores Mind of the Beast

We'll see the Beast not only in action but also in-depth as X-Men 3 explores the psyche of mutants.
Warning: Spoilers

X-MenFilms.net reports that Kelsey Grammer's Beast will be pondering the mind of the mutant in the upcoming film:

"Recently discovered info reveals that Kelsey Grammer's BEAST will have one of the most interesting roles in X3. Not due to his blue fur or his amazing acrobatics, but due to his point of view in the film. Brett Ratner's X3 will really dig deep into the minds of mutants who are not blessed with 'normal' looks.

"Halle Berry's Storm, and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine can easily go out into public, and not be feared based off their looks, but what about the mutants who have more physical mutations? How do they think? We got a taste of it in X2, with the interesting exchange of words between Rebecca Romijn's Mystique and Alan Cumming's Nightcrawler, and now that very subject will be busting at the seams in the third chapter, with Beast and other groups of 'strange' looking mutants.

"Even though he's lived with his mutation for some time, Grammer's Beast will still be struggling with his physical self. Dark blue, gray, black fur, and strong animal-like features aren't exactly looked upon as 'normal' and at times in the film we will see him questioning something that might be able to help his problems.

"Expect knock-out acting scenes shared between Grammer and Patrick Stewart's Professor X, Ian McKellen's Magneto, and Storm, among others we can't name yet," the fan site said.

Meanwhile, a Superhero Hype source wrote in with this info from the trailer featured on the Fantastic Four DVD: "I just hoped to have a first look at Beast or Juggernaut or something else before the official trailer hits with King Kong, but I found it quite disappointing. You can find a brief interview with Avi Arad where he tells how big the movie will be and bla bla bla. The only thing worthy is the description of the San Francisco bridge's destruction by the hand of Magneto. The DVD extra shows sketches for the action sequence in which the bridge falls down and cars and trucks 'fly away' from the carriageway. Actually Arad explained how the Magneto character escalates in violence in this movie and from what the penciled breakdowns showed that's just true."

And "Patrick Stewart was on 'The Chris Evans Show' on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday and amongst other things he mentioned that although they were all sworn to secrecy about the details of X3, Alcatraz plays quite a big part in the film. And also that they were looking to hold the premiere there, although that may not actually happen," according to another Superhero Hype source.

And finally, Doug Lennox reprises a familiar role in the film: the cantankerous bartender, Brewer.
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