Now Online: X-Men 3 Preview Screenshots

The Fantastic Four DVD contains an X3 preview and here's your chance to see some of those screenshots.
Warning: Spoilers

Screenshots captured from the X-Men 3 preview included on the Fantastic Four DVD (available Dec. 6) show some of the storyboards used in a scene in which Magneto attacks the Golden Gate bridge. There's also shots of Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad. Check them out here.

Arad says during the preview that "Wolverine will have to do what he dislikes the most... become a leader," according to Superhero Hype. "We also see Wolverine being injected with something in the storyboards, Magneto breaking prisoners out of cells, and the Golden Gate Bridge being destroyed and being redirected towards Alcatraz."

X-Men 3, directed by Brett Ratner, comes out May 26, 2006. 20th Century Fox will release the anticipated third film, directed by Brett Ratner, on May 26, 2006.

Meanwhile, actor Cameron Bright has posted some pics of himself getting ready for the role of Leech in X-Men 3 here.

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