New Painkiller Jane Pix Debut

Plus, co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti talks about the upcoming Sci Fi movie.
There's new shots from the upcoming Sci Fi Channel movie Painkiller Jane online here. See more shots here.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Palmiotti who created the character for Event Comics with Joe Quesada, had this to say about the movie, debuting Dec. 10: It's "an interesting and totally different take on the character," he told Comics Continuum.

Emmanuelle Vaugier is in the title role. "The set-up is different but the main idea is still there," Palmiotti said. "Emmanuelle, Tate Donavan, Eric Dane and Richard Roundtree give it their all, as does the rest of the cast, and it’s a lot of fun. The director, Sandy Bookstaver, brought his style to the picture and overall I am pretty pleased with it," Palmiotti said.

"The strength of the film is in the production and when there is action happening," Palmiotti said. "I thought the crew gave it their all...really. They were working hard on this. The casting was pretty good."

However, "the weaknesses will, for me, always be in the writing and changing the character to come off as more modern a story," Palmiotti said. "I don't agree where they took the character, but understand it. The Painkiller Jane we created is a little wilder then her screen counterpart. I wish it was more violent and had taken the character in a darker direction. Hey, I co-created it, so I will always find something until I write and direct it. It's a natural thing."

The movie is being treated as a pilot for a potential series, and Palmiotti said he'd be willing to script a few episodes. A new Painkiller Jane comics series is launching in February from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sci Fi Channel describes the film as follows: "Meet Captain Jane Elizabeth Browning, aka Painkiller Jane, Special Forces, United States Army. Her nightmare begins when she is assigned to lead a black ops strike team on an anti-narcotic mission to an abandoned apartment building in Sovetskoye, a town in the Russian Republic of Chechenia. Expecting to find a heroin lab, Jane quickly realizes that they've stumbled onto something far more insidious and deadly, and orders everyone's immediate withdrawal. But they are cut off by unidentified armed troops in full hazmat gear who inexplicably open fire on her until Jane is the last to be terminated, taking a hit in the arm, then the leg, and finally, the chest...

"Three days later, Jane awakens, alive and astonishingly well.

"Recovered by the military, Jane has been sequestered in a top-secret medical installation where it soon becomes evident to Colonel Watts, her commanding officer and mentor, that something incredible has happened. Not only did Jane survive the attack that killed the rest of here unit, but her fatal gunshot wounds have healed completely -- in less than five days!

"Watts and Dr. Graham Knight, a specialist in biotoxicology assigned to her case, try to unravel the mystery surrounding Jane's miraculous recovery. They discover that her immune response system now operates at 20 times the normal speed, making it possible to heal herself at an astonishing rate. Meanwhile, Jane is secretly making some extraordinary findings of her own. She has become stronger and faster, and can see and hear things in a way she never could before. It's nothing short of superhuman.

"In the testing that follows, Jane's status in the military is reduced to that of a lab rat, with all its inherent lack of respect and freedom. Yet they are no closer to uncovering the means of her miraculous resurrection. But they do know this: Jane is unlike any other human being on the planet.

"And Jane now knows that the only way to understand what's happened to her to take matters into her own hands -- to escape and find the people responsible for killing her unit and infecting her with a mysterious virus."
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