Juggernaut Actor Signed for X4, X5

How long will Vinnie Jones play the Juggernaut?
A Superhero Hype source says actor Vinnie Jones (who plays Juggernaut in the film) told Irish TV show host Brendan Courtney that his character was new to the movie franchise and there had been "a lot of noise about it."

“He said that several of the scenes in the trailer, particularly the forest scenes, were filmed just before it was released,” according to the source.

Jones said that "When he gets going, he's just invicible...he runs through walls, smashes everything in sight...he gets asked to join Ian McKellen's (Magneto) band of warriors to take on the X-Men."

Jones added that "I've signed for X-Men 3, 4 and 5...that's my contract...yes."

The 20th Century Fox film premieres May 26.
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