Film Updates: Sgt. Rock, American Flagg & Concrete

The power duo behind The Flash TV show talk about upcoming comic book movie projects.
Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo (executive producers on The Flash TV show and co-writers on the new Flash comic book) have been talking about three new comic boom movie projects.

The team worked on The Rocketeer movie and "we're now in active development on a number of motion picture and television projects including, Concrete, based on Paul Chadwick's wonderful books, and American Flagg!, one of our all time faves," De Meo told Newsarama.

"We sold a feature treatment based on one of our other favorite DC properties, Sgt. Rock, to Warner Brothers last year. And now we’ve been invited to revisit The Flash."

The pair talked about why their Flash television series paid so much respect to the character and the larger source material.

"Like the Batman movie of 1989, we were heavily influenced by the comics of the 80's," Bilson said. "For us, those comics included Watchmen (my all time personal favorite), The Dark Knight Returns, American Flagg!, and of course, The Rocketeer. We just wanted the show to play with the same believability for adults that the comics had on impressionable 10 year olds when we were growing up. Neither of us has ever been a fan of 'camp.' We like to believe in our heroes."
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