Magneto Vs. the Golden Gate Bridge

Also, Pyro talks about more X-sequels despite what the studio says.
Warning: Spoilers

If you've seen the new trailer for X-Men: The Last Stand, you know Magneto turns his devastating control over all things metal on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

IGN Filmforce talked with F/X artist John Bruno who supervised work on that spectacular shot.

"Now that you've seen the trailer, perhaps two or three times, note the final shot: the shot with the Golden Gate Bridge being destroyed, or more precisely, disassembled and reformed - Magneto's doing, of course," according to the fan site. "Here's what we can tell you: There's a point mid-way through the film (and that's a guess), in which Magneto and his cronies decide they need a new base of operations. And it appears they're not going to be discrete about its location. Much to the dismay of tourists, Magneto chooses Alcatraz; and to connect the prison with the mainland, he uproots the Golden Gate Bridge, sending cars a-plenty into the drink, and attaches the west end of the bridge to the Island.

"These are 'scenes you'd like to see,' says visual effects supervisor John Bruno. 'It's Magneto at his most insane.’

Bruno tells IGN FilmForce, "Composting that many elements into the shots is time consuming; and we still have more to do, but we've got the right people on the job, and I'm impressed with the shots we're turning out. We spent a considerable amount of time on the clip that you see in the trailer to have it ready for the trailer. I've been here working on [the movie] for 7 months now, and we've only had a few days off. We get into it really because we love it. And sometimes you just have to take a step back to see the work. The Golden Gate Bridge sequence is something we're really proud of."

Producer David Gorder hints that an X-Men 4 might be under consideration, and this set used again, despite 20th Century Fox' insistence that this is the last film.

Meanwhile, Aaron Stanford (Pyro) says he returned to Vancouver last month for some X-Men reshoots after completing the remake of The Hills Have Eyes.

"I can't say anything about X-Men," he told the Calgary Sun. "It is so wrapped in security. We had to sign so many agreements when we signed on."

But he did say the title X-Men: The Last Stand "that doesn't mean this is definitively the last X-Men. When we were making X2 we had no idea there would be a third one.

"It will pretty much depend on the audience response. If they want more, I'm pretty certain the studio will oblige."
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