Nic Cage Talks Ghost Rider

And just about rules out any possible Ghost Rider II.
Ghost Rider star Nicolas Cage talked with about his upcoming film based on the Marvel Comic and why it's release was pushed to Feb. 16.

"They were just tweaking certain things towards the end," Cage said. "The reason the movie was delayed, I know that's been on people's minds. There were some effects that finally got authorized by the studio which [writer-director] Mark [Steven Johnson] really wanted and they're pretty big and it took time to put them together and design them. So we had to delay it and I think it's good because it's something we really wanted to fight for with Ghost Rider going into battle with a helicopter."

Cage, a huge comic book fan who took his stage name from Hero for Hire and named his son Kal-El, talked how Ghost Rider is different from big screen superheroes seen to date: "I mean, of all the characters I feel like that's the one we haven't seen anything quite like yet. It's new territory because it deals with the spiritual as well as the physical world and that's pretty complex stuff for a comic book character. Also he's a lot of fun. The character of Johnny Blaze, the way we've kind of all designed him, he's a fun character. I wanted to bring a little humor to it as well."

But don’t look for Cage in a sequel: "I'm not contractually obligated to sequels on anything. I'll never say never, but I am happy that I haven't made any sequels to this point. If I do do a sequel, I'm going to have to know for sure that the script is better than the original. So I'm going to be very careful about that because I'm not eager to repeat myself."
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