Bryan Singer Talks Superman Sequel

Plus, Jimmy Olsen actor says he'll come back for sequels.
Superman Returns director Bryan Singer talked with Ain't It Cool News about a potential sequel the film coming out later this month.

"I love it very much, I can't say that I'm officially attached yet, we've just begun those discussions, but there is certainly an interest in moving forward and the relationship to the experience, though very difficult, of making the film, logistically, at Warners was a really really really good one at Warner Brothers," he told Harry Knowles. "So the side point is, if they decide they want me, after they've seen the film, to do a sequel. We all got along so wonderfully, that the logic says that it makes sense to move forward together on a sequel. Plus there are things that have been layered into the film that would lend themselves to a sequel, much as I did on the X-MEN series. Not saying it won't be satisfying in the end, it's not a two parter. But the business part about inking a deal or figuring out a schedule, we haven't done that specifically yet, nor is there a script."

Plus, Singer talks about how in some ways Superman Returns will be the closest he'll ever come to directing a "chick flick:" "[I]f you look at the entire canon of SUPERMAN, I think you'll find that ever since the very very beginning, you'll find that it's his relationship with Lois Lane has always been at the focus of every single story about SUPERMAN, except for his younger years and even then there was something wonderful about watching their relationship and having the protagonist observe the relationship from a third position, which is basically the position of Clark Kent, who stands almost invisibly next to Lois Lane and watches from his vantage point. There’s something very interesting about that, from a storytelling perspective, it's more of a detail point, but the essence of SUPERMAN, they’ve always said that behind every great man is a great woman and in the case of SUPERMAN, Lois Lane as an emotional and human anchor for his character is every bit as important as he is. And I felt that to tell a SUPERMAN story, the focus had to be around that relationship. And I guarantee there will be no shortage of action for this sort of large picture, but beneath all that… for lack of a better expression, you know, this will be the closest thing to a chick flick that I've ever directed."

He also talks about his casting, the plot, camera technique and how the experience compared to filming the X-Men movies. Read the entire interview here.

Meanwhile, Sam Huntington says he'll be back as Jimmy Olsen in more Superman films if they are made.

And there's an official Superman MySpace page up here.

Finally, Superman Returns will have a third trailer with Sony's Click on June 23.

Superman Returns opens in conventional theaters, IMAX and IMAX 3D on June 28.

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