Mr. Fantastic Talks FF 2

Ioan Gruffudd on the possible return of Dr. Doom and a love triangle.
Warning: Spoilers

Ioan Gruffudd, who played Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four film, talked with Coming Soon about the sequel now being planned.

FF 2 begins shooting in Vancouver in late August, but Gruffudd hasn't seen the script. "I have not seen the script or read it. I don't know exactly what the story line is. I know Jessica Alba has been talking about it quite a bit and I believe that the premise is Silver Surfer is the new character that comes into it."

He added that he hopes the second one is successful and a third will come about.

Regarding the love triangle mentioned by Jessica Alba: "I'm sure Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic is very capable of holding onto his woman."

Julian McMahon will indeed return as Dr. Doom, Gruffudd said along with Michael Chiklis (Ben Grimm/The Thing), Alba (Sue Storm/Invisible Woman) and Chris Evans (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch). Regarding Doom, "I'm sure he'll be just as ambiguous. Is he on our side or isn't he?," Gruffudd said.

You can read the entire interview here.

The sequel is aiming for a June 15, 2007 release date.
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