Whedon Says Wonder Woman Troubling

No casting has been done yet because the Buffy creator is still working on the script.
Joss Whedon talked with Brian Michael Bendis about how his Wonder Woman film is coming along: "I am having enormous trouble with the script. It's going very well and I'm loving life, but because it's only at script stage and there will be no discussion of casting before, I don't really deal with that. No, it's weird, I'm in my office and it's just me.

"It's kept me busy for a long time. I'm finally finishing the second draft. I'm very happy with it, but wow! Wow, this one was like pulling teeth. It's tough. I would watch 'Batman Begins' and just grumble, just b*tch and moan, because he's got everything. He's got so much of the work done for him. He's got the best rogues' gallery. He's got the best origin story. Wonder Woman is a lot more to figure out. But it's coming together."

You can read the rest of the interview here.
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