Hulk 2 To Have Guest Super-Heroes?

Screenwrite Zak Penn talks about his plans for the Incredible Hulk and the live-action Avengers film.
Veteran super-hero film write Zak Penn said that other Marvel Universe characters may show up in his script for the Incredible Hulk.

"By the way, I'm hoping you'll see some other Marvel characters in the Hulk," Penn told CHUD.

Regarding the Avengers movie, Penn said he was inspired by the Ultimates comic book series. "No question the thing that it inspired me was the Ultimates run," he said. "I thought it was brilliant, cinematic, and made me realize that a super hero team didn't have to be goofy. There has been a lot of discussion about whether it will be live action or a next-gen big budget CGI thing, but we've tabled it for awhile while I write the Hulk. I imagine we will make all these decisions next year."

Penn said he hopes to have a big scale film that will be a true Marvel Universe film. "One thing I can tell you is that when I was a kid, I loved Marvel Team Up, Marvel Two in One, anything where you got a sense of the whole Marvel universe. The more we can draw from the other Marvel movies the better."
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