Zack Snyder excited about Watchmen

the graphic novel adaptation from the director of 300
Zack Snyder, who brought us Dawn of the Dead and the upcoming 300 has yet another potential film adaptation project that he's looking at according to Empire Online. It is none other than the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore. Alan Moore has written numerous comic series printed in horror collections such as Taboo and many graphic novels, some of which have made their way to the big screen including V For Vendetta and From Hell, which was directed by the Hughes Brothers.

Here's a glimpse at what Zack Snyder told Empire Online:

"We're getting ready to turn a script that we like into this studio," says Snyder. "They're pretty excited about it…I think the script that Alex (Tse) has done for us is the closest to the graphic novel it's been [since development started], for better or for worse. I feel like Alex has done an awesome job. It's keeping all the things that are cool about the comic".

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