Jon Favreau Talks Special Effects For IRON MAN

In an interview in Crave Online
Director Jon Favreau gave an interview with Crave Online in which he talks about creating the special effects for the Iron Man in the new film. Here's a peek:

On the Iron Man suit Favreau said "if you have too clunky of a figure it takes you out of the movie. You can't do with a Robocop suit, what Iron Man has to do. He flies, he's athletic, he's acrobatic, he fights, [and] he shoots. He has to do a lot of things for you to justify making a movie about him." Favreau will most likely use Motion Capture effects to create more realistic movements of the Iron Man character. View the full article.

Iron Man Director and Executive Producer Jon Favreau has other Marvel Comic ties as he also played Matt Murdock's good buddy Franklin Nelson in 2003's Daredevil.
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