New Line Looking For New Home for Blade

The actor who played the Spike TV series lead villain says it may be back.
Neil Jackson (Marcus Van Sciver from Blade) wrote on his MySpace page that the cancelled TV series may be back.

"So, I am sorry to say that SPIKE have not commisioned Blade: The Series for a second season. NEW LINE are still behind the show and are currently shopping for a new home, so things may start a fresh elsewhere," Jackson wrote.

"Thank you to everyone who watched the show, stood in our corner and rallied for the cause. It was a blast to work on, and your encouragement and enthusiasm made it all the more so. I know this sentiment is echoed by the rest of the cast and crew."

Jackson added: "The series is yet to air abroad, and there are also DVD sales which all could contribute to the show being picked up on another network, allowing Blade to rise into a new and glorious dawn (sorry... getting a little carried away). But for now I just want to thank everyone for your comments, mails and support.

"Sincerely... Neil."
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