Bat-Alfred To the Rescue?

Michael Caine joked that his Alfred Pennyworth character might get into the cap and cowl.
Oscar winner Michael Caine joked with Sci Fi Wire that Alfred the Butler might put on the Batman suit in the Dark Knight, director Chris Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins.

"I was talking to the widow of the man who wrote Batman, and she said that he wrote a marvelous scene that [we] should do in [our] next movie," Caine said. "She told me that he wrote a sequence where Batman was trying to get bad guys, and he wanted to use the butler dressed as Batman as a ruse, and then go back around behind him. So I said to Christopher—and I don't know whether he's going to use it, because he won't tell you anything about the script—but I mentioned this to him, because I thought that this was a great idea. I think that if he dresses me as Batman, it could be one of the funniest sequences in the history of movies."

He added, jokingly: "Can you imagine what I would make out of that? Trying to get into the Batman suit and then running around the woods [while] he's going around the [other] way to try and get the bad guys? See, you're already laughing, and those films are very serious. My job is to bring the humor of the sort of ordinary person being in that situation, which is what I am."

Caine says he hasn't seen the script yet although he's asking writer-director Nolan for a copy. "I'm just waiting to get the script," Caine said. "Every time I ask him for it he says, 'I haven't finished it.' I know he's finished it, otherwise [Warner Brothers] wouldn't have given it the go-ahead."
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