James McAvoy Lands A Role To Die For In WANTED

...and gets ripped into the real world run by vicious assassins!
James McAvoy told Empire Online about his upcoming role as Wesley Gibson in Universal Pictures' film adaptation of the comic series Wanted!

"He's [Gibson] an arsehole. A complete geek [at this moment the cordon rope topples over]. There you go! He does things like that! He's a complete and utter failure, but he begins a mission to avenge his father's death."

Wanted, to be directed by Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, was originally a Top Cow Publishing series owned by creators Mark Millar and J.G. Jones! In the series, momma's boy Wesley Gibson discovers that his
dissociated father is an assassin known to most as the Killer. When his father is murdered, Wes learns that he's inherited his dad's perfect aim and keen murderous skill with any weapon and is recruited into an organization of villains.

Several of the characters from Wanted appear in Erik Larsen's Savage
#127 and #128. The cover of Savage Dragon #128 was painted by J. G.

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