Zack Snyder talks Watchmen!

Now that "300" is a blockbuster success, director Zack Snyder will be working on DC's Watchmen!
"That's actually Wes Coller who's one of the Associate Producers on "300", revealed Snyder, when asked about the test shot. "So, we were knocking around the office and I told him to put an overcoat on and I took a picture. We then took it outside to Grant Freckelton (300’s Visual Effects Art Director) who was having his lunch, and I asked him to knock it up for me. Put the Empire State Building there i9n the background, put the moon there also...[Laughs] It's a start, but it was really just for fun."

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The Graphic Novel originally Written by the legendary Comic Book creators, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Watchmen is a symbolic story of the intense deconstruction of the American superhero genre chronicles a moment of extreme crisis in a world frighteningly familiar.

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* Expect to see the official "Watchmen" film by 2009! *

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