Paris Hilton Tapped for Supergirl Remake

As if the first one wasn't bad enough, Warner Bros has announced that they will be remaking Supergirl with celebutante Paris Hilton!
Say it ain't so! Sources inside Warner Bros, tell us that waste of space Paris Hilton has nailed the role of Kara, Superman's kryptonian cousin, previously played by Helen Slater.

WB spokesperson Abril Tonto reported to on Sunday, "She (Paris Hilton) surprised us all. Her audition was dead on what we were looking for. She's going to be a great asset to the film. And the fact that she is well known already won't hurt."

Paris Hilton became famous simply for being the night clubbing daughter of rich hotel chain owners, and rubbing elbows with the truly famous. Her only acting credits are a minor role in a "B" movie slasher flick and the cancelled "The Simple Life" TV show she starred in with fellow brat Nicole Ritchie. Oh, and don't forget the sex tape.

Given that Ms. Hilton is somewhat of a joke-celeb, CBM asked Supergirl scriptwriter Jim Becile if the film is going to have a more comic take. Mr Becile commented that while there is some humor, the film "wouldn't be any funnier than previous Christopher Reeve Superman movies."

For more info, stay tuned right here!

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