Spider-Man 3 Breaking Records Already!

As Spider-Man 3 prepares for it's North American opening, with the Widest launch of all time, it's debut in the Asian markets has already set new records.
On May 1 Spider-Man 3 debuted in Asian markets and set records in all of the eight Asian territories, as reported by Variety. Spider-Man 3 will continue to debut more territories in the next few days, leading up to May 4. Here in North America it will be released on 4,253 theater screens.

The record breaking continued as Sony estimated that the movie hit ¥415 million ($3.47 million) in Japan on May 1, beating Spider-Man 2's ¥410 million. The first Spidey took in ¥347 million in its first day in Japan in 2004.

In Korea, Spider-Man 3 beat one-day marks for its predecessors, taking in 3.2 billion won ($3.44 million). In Hong Kong, Spidey saw the biggest opening day of all time, with $HK7.5 million ($958,984), besting the previous record holder, Kung Fu Hustle.
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