'300' is HD DVD Champ

The sword-and-sandals epic provides another high-def milestone for Warner Home Video.
Since July 31, Zach Snyder's action-adventure epic "300" has sold more than 250,000 HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs, according to a Warner Home Video announcement.

This means WHV has broken its own record, as set by the 100,000-selling 'The Departed.'

Based on the graphic novel by 'Sin City' auteur Frank Miller, "300" tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and Persians.

"'300' is an amazing film," said WHV president Ron Sanders, "and the high definition sales we are seeing underscores the positive business benefits of supporting both HD DVD and Blu-ray."

WHV has more than 30% market share of HD DVD sales, thanks to its dual format strategy.

The "300" HD DVD incorporates exclusive interactive features, including the ability for viewers to pick their favorite scenes to assemble montages.
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