Harvey Dent gone Digital for Batman Dark Knight?

The Batman franchise has kicked off since the release of Batman Begins, and it has been a long time since there has been so much hype for a single movie as has been for Batman the Dark Knight. News continues to poor in, and this time, an interesting rumor about Harvey Dent.
Harvey Dent will be making a somewhat prominent appearance in the second Batman movie of the new millennium, and is being played by Aaron Eckhart. However, for fans of the comic series, we know that the crime fighting lawyer is transformed in to the maniacal villain Two-Face.

An interesting turn of events then with a rumor coming out of the blog Film-Ick suggesting that Framestore CFC us due to begin some work on the face of Two-Face for the upcoming film to be released in 2008. The question is thus raised, why won’t his face be changed through make-up?

While I do not dispute the rumor, I do dispute just what the FX company will be working on. Being a fan of the comic, I am well aware that Harvey Dent receives his face-changing scarring thanks to Sal "Boss" Maroni, who throws sulphuric acid in his face. This would be an especially hard scene to do using make up, so could Framestore CFC’s work be in fact the transformation, rather than the theorized life of the face?

Framestore CFC are also working on virtual set extensions for scenes set in Hong Kong, as well as CG stand-in Batman.

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