The CBM Review: SHOOT 'EM UP

Shoot 'Em Up with Clive Owen is a non-stop action thrill ride making it a perfect summer flick.
Shoot 'Em Up is one hell of a ride from the moment it starts. You’re pulled into a gritty dark world that quickly turns ultra violent. Clive Owen is Mr. Smith, he’s minding his own business eating a carrot when a pregnant woman rushes by, she’s being chased by a mean gun-wielding guy. Mr. Smith intervenes, helps the woman, delivers the baby boy and fights off a lot of bad guys with guns, lead by the ultra baddie, an ex FBI profiler Mr. Hertz played by Paul Giamatti. All of this happens in just the pile drives you during the first 20 minutes.

To help with the baby Mr. Smith turns to DQ, a lactating prostitute played by Monica Bellucci. Together they team up to keep baby Oliver safe while they go on the run from Mr. Hertz and his endless army of men while trying to figure out why in the hell they want the baby at all.

DQ calls Mr. Smith the “Angriest man in the world,” and you will see why as he is easily upset and annoyed by bad driving habits, poor grooming, rude manners or just trying to kill him, you can expect some ruthless repercussions.

With a baby in tow and a carrot in hand Mr. Smith is in non-stop action mode crashing through windows, sliding, twisting and firing his weapon at all times with precision, leaving behind a trail of bullets.

Director Michael Davis love of James Bond Films rips through the intense and wicked action sequences, he’s locked, loaded and rearing to go. It’s inspiring that the idea for this thrill ride came from a scene in John Woo’s Hardboiled when Chow Yun Fat runs around with a baby in a hospital, Shoot ‘Em Up it keeps going for 90-minutes.

Ultimately, Shoot ‘Em Up is a perfect summer flick, it delivers with gun battling action, cool one liners from Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti and without a doubt you’ll never look at a carrot again in the same light once all is said and done. It's non-stop over-the-top action that hits theatres September 7th.

I give the film a 4.8 on a scale of 5.
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