Vaughn vs. Marvel

Thor has begun to roll along the train tracks of progress now, and we’re seeing more and more hype build for the Norse god of thunder’s cinematic debut.
First off Marvel announced, thanks to Variety, that the director of Stardust Matthew Vaughn will be behind the helm of the Thor flick. Hoping to start production of the film this winter, before the almost inevitable strike by the movie industry, Marvel have allowed Vaughn a second chance at a superhero picture, after pulling out of X-Men 3.

No sooner than it is announced that Vaughn is behind the helm, but we find out that he’s fighting tooth and nail for the perfect casting for the movie. Marvel Studios apparently want fan favorite Triple-H – the renowned wrestler – to portray the blonde trussed god-come-superhero. Often picked as fans favorite due to his already similar looks, Triple-H is apparently not what Vaughn is after.

And in all honesty, I have to say I’m fully behind Vaughn on this one. With his only acting experience being in Blade: Trinity, and no I’m not including his acting in his day job, and the attitude that follows him around due to his day job, I cannot imagine him in that role.

However, with the fact that Stardust did not open as strong as had been hoped, and the looming strike narrowing the time frame for Vaughn to find his perfect Thor, we may have to suffer through a movie with Triple-H as Thor. Pity!
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