Despite the legal controversies over the Marvel family, Shazam/Captain Marvel is definitely one of those feel good DC comic superheroes that has long been a fan favorite. Often in the background, serving the fans of the second stringers, Shazam is soon to be seeing a growth in popularity, if Peter Segal has any say.
Caught in an interview by Ain’t it Cool scoop artist Quint, Segal allowed himself to comment on what he hopes will be his next project after Get Smart. Being written by John August – the man behind such films as Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Segal admits he is really excited about the chance to make this film. “This is one of my favorite comic books,” he said, continuing to say that “…but what I think is relevant about this comic is that element of BIG. BIG meets Superman.”

Portraying the superhero who is both a child and a man is going to be a challenge, but Segal thinks he’s up for it. Stan Lee apparently informed the director when he had been chosen for the movie that “’...MARVEL heroes have flaws and therein lies their humor’”, apparently reason enough for why the job had been placed at his feet.

Segal looks to be making a very boyish, good time movie, hoping to stray away from the stereotypical “dark” stories that accompany movies such as the recent Batman Begins and Superman Returns. To see the whole interview, click here, and for the bit about Shazam, it’s nearly at the bottom of the chat.
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