Vaughn VS. Marvel: Vaughn FTW?

It was only hours ago that I wrote that Matthew Vaughn had been set to helm the Thor mothership, and that he was subsequently fighting Marvel Studios for a decent lead star. Hours later, reports are suggesting that he might have found his man.
Popping up in my RSS feeds just moments ago, it looks as though the hit TV series Rome has spawned yet another Marvel superhero. Ray Stevenson, who played Titus Pullo in the short run TV series, has been plugged to play Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, in the sequel to the 2004 unexpectedly popular superhero flick.

According to the article, “industry circles” say that the man who played Lucius Vorenus beside Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, is apparently going to be the next Thor, Norse god of thunder and lightning and all round Marvel comics good-guy.

Penned by Mark Protosevich and hoped to be in production prior to the inevitable strike in Hollywood after winter, Thor is apparently going to be very origin heavy, giving an insight in to the origin of the god of thunder, his hammer Uru and the origin of the Norse gods themselves.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated with this rumor.
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