Black Panther Name Dropping

He’s rumored to be helming the next two big superhero movies focusing on an African-American superhero, and John Singleton has spoken out on who he wants for both of them.
As previously mentioned at CBM, Singleton is up to direct both the Luke Cage movie as well as the Black Panther movie. Singleton’s favorite for the role of Marvel superhero Luke Cage is, and has always been, Tyrese Gibson. The big black man from Transformers and 2 Fast 2 Furious is the perfect man for the role of the hard hitting Cage, one of Marvel’s undervalued superheroes.

Recently though Singleton, while still refusing to comment on which movie he’ll do first, has suggested that he would like Chiwetel Ejiofor to play the Wakandan king come superhero and Avenger. The star from such movies as Love Actually and the cult classic Serenity is once again another face that would perfectly portray the Marvel superhero.

However one must take offense at the offhand remark thrown at us browncoats by “Thomas” from ReelzChannel where this has been reported for the following comment; Ejiofor has the pedigree as well as the acting chops to handle the Panther role. And anyone who's seen Serenity (all seven of you) knows he can handle action. Just ask the browncoats.

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