Death and the Dark Knight

Last week, as part of a weekly column for Comic Book Resources, Rich Johnston revealed that Batman the Dark Knight would see the death of one of the onscreen characters from Batman Begins. However, was he mistaken? If you’re a bit squeamish, don’t take the jump.
In his “Lying in the Gutters” column, Johnston noted that ‘Gutterati working across the road from filming’ had described "a funeral scene being filmed. Tons of white flowers, and all sorts of people dressed to the nines. And, low and behold, on top of the coffin is a large framed picture of Morgan Freeman."

This was big news, considering that Luscious Fox was always Bruce Wayne’s right hand man in Wayne Industries, and rarely was killed off in comics and other adaptions.

However, following up in this week’s column, Johnston has revised the news, blaming “a Gutterati's mother's poor eyesight”. Apparently, instead of Morgan Freeman’s photo on top of the coffin, it was Colin McFarlane, who is playing Commissioner Loeb.

Now this is much more in line with what we can expect from the movie, considering the Joker’s Mafia ties leading to his running amok in Gotham, and the obvious eventual rise to commissioner of Gary Oldman’s character Jim Gordon.

So, not only can we be hoping to see Catwoman in the third movie, but we might also get ourselves Commissioner Jim Gordon. Hail the conquering hero I say!
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CBR: Lying in the Gutters